H&G 316 Ball Valves are available in 10001b, 30001b, 60001b and 10,0001b class with a wide range of thread forms and end connections. These valves are designed to be compact and reliable, and are manufactured in the UK to exacting standards. The size range extends from 1/4" to 1" in NPT, BSPT and BSPP thread forms or with O.D. compression ends ranging from 1/4" (6mm) to 1" (25mm) in either single or twin ferrule types.

The low cost range of cast 316 Ball Valves are rated to 1000 psi and are available in single piece reduced bore or two and three piece full bore models.

All valves are available with locking facilities and other materials and designs are available upon request.


Female/Female 1000lb Class Ball Valve
Male/Female 1000lb Class Ball Valve
Female/Straight Hosetail 1000lb Class Ball Valve
Female/Female 3000lb Class Ball Valve
OD Compression 3000lb Class Ball Valve
Meca-Inox 3 Piece Ball Valve

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