Cent Pipes & Clamping Systems

All the sites we have visited have varying requirements for the length and size of vent pipes to obtain the desired height as specified by ‘DSEAR’.

We can supply vent pipes either cut to your specified length and fitted with a vent cap or we can just supply a 3M length of pipe/ tube for you to fit on site.

A strong fixing is recommended for the vent pipes and this can be achieved by using ‘U’ bolts or in certain cases our standard range of clamps may be more appropriate. Please advise us of the situation and location and we will be happy to advise a suitable system.

The picture to the above shows a range of fittings which are typically used in this type of installation including the Waverley Brownall compression fitting as approved to F9 specification.

The recent ‘DSEAR’ standards have new regulations covering the venting of Governor Housings.

After discussions with several Engineers and visits to regions around the UK H & G Services has designed what is a cost effective and labour efficient method of achieving the ‘DSEAR’ regulations.

Whilst each region has its own way of Engineering the vent’s we have tried to cover several solutions so that no matter if you want to use Galvanised Pipe, Stainless Steel Tube, Compression, Welded or Screwed assemblies we can offer a quick cost effective solution.

Housing Side Connection

To enable secure fixing to the housing we supply a side connection complete with adjustable locking nuts and strengthening washers that will fit the standard GRP/Fibre Glass Governor housings.

An extra long version is available for brick built Governor Housings. Standard sizes are 3/4” & 1”.


Our weather caps come in various materials. The standard cap is plastic with a non-stick movement to ensure closure after exhaust. This ensures no rain; snow or dirt will be allowed down the vent pipe.

Other materials include Stainless Steel, Aluminium and Carbon steel.

The plastic type is a very economical and easy solution to protect the instrument vents as they simply push fit to the instrument tube to allow vertical exhaust to atmosphere.

All types of cap can be adapted to pipe or tube up to 2”OD or 4”NB.

Drain Vents

Should water enter the vent pipe it will automatically be drained out via the bottom vent bore. This will ensure that no water comes into contact with the Governor relief valve.

Vertical Discharge Vent Assembly

To keep costs to a minimum we can assembly a ready to fit unit which reduces installation time.

Simply tell us what size pipe/tube you prefer (normally 3/4” or 1”NB Galvanised).

Decide how you wish to connect the relief valve to the side housing connection i.e Flexible hose, Compression fittings and tube or Screwed fittings and pipe.

Then tell us the length of the vent pipe you require.

We can then supply a ready assembled and tested vertical discharge vent assembly for you to fit.

This will dramatically reduce the cost of installation.