As a small company with our 30 years' experience, we pride ourselves on building strong, intimate relationships with our customers.

By keeping overheads to a minimum, we aim to provide our customers with an alternative ''no frills'' outlet where they can invest in high-quality branded products that exceed their expectations, while keeping the cost to a minimum. 

Our Experience 

More and more companies are ordering their materials online using the product part number, however, this method of thinking doesn't necessarily work for all engineering materials. For this reason, all of our employees have a firm understanding of engineering to ensure we can help your business overcome any unforeseen obstacles.

Furthermore, client feedback over the years has led us to develop an array of customised services, including building sub-assemblies, hose inspection, marking and recording.
Our clients often praise us for our convenience, fast turnaround and extensive range of services. In particular, the Asset Supervisors we deal with constantly comment on our outstanding level of service, overall quality along with the all-important compliance certification.